Lycra is the name of a brand for spandex materials. This is a general term for all fabrics that have spandex threads in their construction. Lycra is strong and flexible, like rubber. It does not lose its shape or elasticity when pulled and perfectly returns to its natural state when released. Lycra is also known as Spandex. It is a synthetic fiber based on polyurethane, with exceptionally high elasticity and rapid recovery percentage. Originally developed in 1958, it was created to replace latex rubber that allowed clothes to stretch.

Lycra is made of a long chain polymer called polyurethane. It is produced by reacting polyester with a diisocyanato. The polymer is then transformed into a fiber using a dry spinning process.

Like every other product Twinkle India has come to deal with other various products, the amount of care and purity we provide not every company provides. Now let’s talk about lycra fabrics and how we are commodifying them. We provide the best of qualities, let’s start it.

Lycra is mainly a synthetic quality of the product, and the main feature is the best elastic material ever. And mainly for stretchable pants, leggings these materials are used. There are way too many people in this process of selling materials, so we are doing our best to cultivate the best quality lycra fabrics.

The property is mainly made out of elastane and spandex. Previously the wholesale market was there in China only. Not only in garment materials but also materials like toys, bags’ handles, shoes. All these products have been used, but when the quality comes in the scene, there is no compromise related to it.

We do not charge exorbitantly, but the entire process of making lycra fabrics is nothing but laboratory-based. Firstly making the base of it, then adding colors to it then drying it, by making this particular product we as a company is also employing the people, to the younger generations who want to develop their business field mechanisms. There are 4 ways to make lycra, but we are following the most original of all.

95% of the products used to get done by the western regions before it, but from now on the thing does not remain the same, we are providing the best of the lot. Previously so many people have asked for winter wear for children. Still, in this case, the best of all has been produced because to get the best elasticity, the priority that comes to our mind is the winter garments or the items of free sizes.

People across the country from all big retail markets who genuinely want to work in terms of the franchise can contact us. Under our guidance, the best quality of technical teaching has been granted; people who do not really know the whole of it can also get the knowledge.

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